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Our mission is simple….to offer our clients unparalleled support in pursuit of servicing their remote camp project needs through an extensive network of suppliers and affiliations.

Spectrum Group

With access to over 200 Vendors in the remote services sector, in 6 different countries (and Growing) we bring all services to you! No need to source multiple vendors yourself.


We are experienced in delivering essential services under extreme conditions, This means we can manage your project from concept to completion, This could also mean overseeing subcontractors and any other needs your company may have.


We love to listen! We will hear your vision and organize a plan to meet your budget and project requirements, If we can not do it, We will communicate clearly why, and suggest alternatives.


By creating strategic partnerships with “Best in Class” service providers, we are able to provide well rounded services to our customer base. We bridge the gap between client and service provider, making for a smooth, seamless project.



Our mission is simple to offer our clients unparalleled support in pursuit of servicing their project needs through an extensive network of suppliers and affiliations.



We bring “Best In Class” companies to your doorstep, whether it is in the remote oilfield of Northern B.C. or the far reaches of Mozambique. We help customize a  solution that works for your company…and more importantly your workers and clients.



With decades of combined experience in operations, field management, business development, process and procedure writing over multiple business sectors, including catering, modular provision, mining, restaurants, hotel development, and many other sectors.


Our team has been formed by uniting industry experts from the Food Services, Modular, Remote Camp, and hospitality sectors under a single, integrated brand. We deeply recognize the paramount significance of offering a “home away from home” experience and elevating it to new heights. This is why we exclusively collaborate with premier providers in their fields of expertise. Many of our team have backgrounds in the hospitality industry, which makes us keenly aware of the vital role proper nutrition and the delivery of high-quality food play in ensuring your employees satisfaction.

We are dedicated to providing a multifaceted and holistic approach to serving our valued clientele. We believe in going beyond the ordinary, addressing every facet of your employees’ experience, from the quality of their accommodations to the excellence of the meals in our dining facilities.

Our goal is to create a well-rounded, healthy environment that feels like a home away from home. We want your employees to be well-rested and nourished during their stay, ensuring they return to work each day at their best, and ultimately, to their families at the end of their rotation. 

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Integrated Support Services 


Client Testimonials

I worked with Rod when he was a camp manager at EnCana, and hired his company to cater an event for us at Shell. Rod was a professional in all aspects of his job. He also had a strong understanding and belief in relevant EHS principles and was a solid camp manager.

Brent Crack

Health and Safety, Devon Energy

Rod is a professional who enjoys working and developing systems that work. He is committed to excellence with safety at the forefront. Rod works well with others with a strong commitment to the development of people to be all they can be.

Ronald Enright

Remote Camp Hospitality & Food Services Specialist

I have worked with Rod as a contractor for the past three years. When Rod and his team works on a project you can be sure he will make things happen. Rod is a high energy individual who is extremely knowledgeable in his field. Very much a visionary also. Rod works well with all his clients to produce win – win situations.

Warren Forsythe

Security Consultant, Encana

I had the pleasure of working with Rod and his tea, at Spectrum on a consulting project that required knowledge of the modular housing industry. He was very informative, professional and got back to me in a very timely manner. Spectrum’s experience within the industry was great and his work product shows that. I highly recommend Spectrum for any consulting/sales of modular units.

Raj Gadde

ASA Senior Manager , Corporate Valuation Services

I’ve known Rod for over 7 years now had the privilege of working with him directly the last number of years. He is a great leader and mentor and has taught me allot about remote camp operations and logistics. He is the goto guy when it comes to sourcing new and used modular’s in Western Canada. I look forward to our continued friendship into the future.

Larry Clark

Owner and Director of Operations , Used Modulars Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Rod at two companies. Rod had expanding responsibilities and undertook them in a business-like manner with enthusiasm. Rod had and continues to have the respect of his peers, the front line team and management. His attention to detail, forthrightness, honesty and work ethic ensured profitability and client satisfaction. Rod embraces change and is a key driver for excellence and innovation.

John Dampf

Operations Manager, Torch Industries

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