Community Matters

Spectrum Remote is committed to honest and open engagement with all First Nations & Metis communities.

We promote mutual respect and understanding through honest, open and timely communication.

Our partners are our priority, focus is on the empowerment of local First Nations through employment, awareness, consideration and respect.

Spectrum’s intent is to encourage local community development, support local causes and to leave a lasting legacy.

Spectrum holds its relationships and partnerships with First Nations in the highest regard. As our own resources and networks expand, so too will the breadth and depth of these relationships and partnerships.

We are committed to:

  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations communities.
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity training.
  • Respecting the traditional territories of all First Nations communities.
  • Promoting respect and understanding of issues critical to First Nations people.
  • Delivering consistent engagement with your community.
  • Creating opportunities aligned with your community’s aspirations.
  • Employing and training local residents as a priority initiative.

Ethical Solutions for a Brighter Community Future

Spectrum Remote Logistics Services is committed to responsible development of our resources and to this end, in the new year we will be developing The Community Matters Foundation.

The Community Matters Foundation helps us to offer our skills, experience, knowledge and capital investment, therefore, providing access to real / tangible economic development within your communities.

The Community Matters Foundation will be built around 5 core community initiatives to assist local communities receive a lasting impactful benefit

  • Responsible Local Employment
  • Engaging Local Suppliers and Sub-Contractors
  • Improvement of Health and Well Being of Community
  • Training and Development of Employees
  • Support of Local Causes and Projects

Community Benefit Scenarios

Spectrum will work with the local community to develop a partnership model. We will employ a flexible / tailored model, which is aligned to both your community / territory’s requirements and the nature of resource exploration and extraction.

Employment Strategies

Our goal is to work with our partners to employ locally to the greatest degree possible. We accomplish this by employing qualified people and offering training to those who would like to follow a new career path.

Opportunities will exist in the following occupations:

  • Management | Leadership
  • Administration 
  • Security 
  • Culinary
  • Maintenance
  • Safety 
  • Housekeeping 

Spectrum works with its catering partners to provide training and apprenticeship programs in the above areas of expertise and in addition, our preference is to work with 100% Indigenous companies for the provision of Food Services, Housekeeping, and Security Services wherever practicable.

Cooking and Culinary Arts training involves various levels of certification. Through our preferred partners we mentorship opportunities for those wishing to receive a diploma in the Culinary Arts (typically Red Seal Certification)

All individuals following a culinary occupation, will work towards a recognized qualification and all hours worked will be recorded as “On the Job Training” and count towards qualification and certification.

Spectrum works with its vendors to custom develop training programs within all other areas of service, such as housekeeping and customer service. Our program goal is to aid the development and support community members to realize their full potential, whilst nurturing people who aspire to be future business leaders and directors and coach them into key management roles.

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