Hotel, Resort and Facilities Management

Hotel, Resort and Facilities Management

You can’t build investor confidence based on what you will do, but you can inspire confidence based on what you have done. The Management team has roots in the Hospitality, Event Management, Resort, Hotel and Remote Camp Segments.

Spectrum believes happy employees make happy guests. Our corporate team will be actively involved with each property they supervise. Every property is intently managed and receives continuous involvement from all team members. This includes ongoing operational reviews conducted with the property management staff using industry benchmarks, In-depth hotel industry experience, and our comprehensive custom built brand standards.

We will only offer high-quality properties and superior customer service to all of our hotel guests. It is our goal to maintain high standards of service and offer guests at our venues superior quality and value. Our hands-on style of management and corporate support allows the hotel property staff to be highly efficient and productive. Our operational services include:

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Strategy Implementation
  • Community Relations
  • Property Training
  • Quality Assurance Brand Inspections
  • Accounting and Finance
  • IT Services
  • Website Development
  • Food and Beverage Controls
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